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Don’t look for a drink shade — bring your own!!

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Don’t look for a drink shade — bring your own!!


The best beverage accessory for keeping your drink cool and phone protected at the pool or patio, on the beach or a boat, is the DrinKabana.

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Direct sunlight shouldn’t be a menace to your outdoor fun.

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On warm, sunny outdoor occasions, it can be nearly impossible to keep a drink ice cold…even with insulated tumblers and beverage insulators. When shade is not readily available, the sun punishes your drink by warming it up to the point of it not being enjoyable. And what about your phone? It’s probably hidden out of arm’s reach with your gear.


Cold Drink in a Mug

Throwing out the last few ounces of a drink because it’s too warm –
problem solved 

iPhone Temerature Notice Screen

Phone shutting off after it overheated in the sun –
problem solved 

Call Missed Notifications

Missing an important call or text while your phone is hidden away –
problem solved 

Bead on Drink Shade

Forgetting where you put your drink –
problem solved

Sun Icon

Your drink is no match for the sun.

The DrinKabana shades and protects beverages of all types from the sun – 12-ounce cans, 16-ounce aluminum bottles, margarita and wine glasses, water and soft drinks, and more!

DrinKabana on the beach

For the Beach

DrinKabana by the pool

For the Pool


For the Patio

DrinKabana Drink Shade in the Yard

For the Yard

DrinKabana For The Boat

For the Boat

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Keep your drinks
colder, longer.

On a sunny, 85-degree summer day, two cups with equal amounts of ice and water were placed outside. One was placed in the DrinKabana and one in the sun. After 35 minutes, all the ice was gone in the exposed cup, while the DrinKabana preserved the ice and kept the beverage frosty cold.

Put your brand on the DrinKabana.

The DrinKabana is one of the best branded gifts for customers and employees who enjoy spending time in the sun and by the water. Wholesale and promotional options are available for businesses looking for unique promo gift ideas.

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