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The Concept

A – I spend a lot of time at the pool and I had never been able to keep a beer or other drink cold in the sun, even when using a beverage insulator. So I constructed a C-shaped device out of wood to put my drink it, and the top and back blocked the sun. Ever since, I’ve been able to enjoy every ounce of every beverage without it getting punished by the sun. I can be in the water at pool’s edge or on a boat and have my safeguarded phone and refreshment just inches away. I knew I couldn’t be the only one suffering from melted ice and warm drinks, so I created the DrinKabana to share with others.

A – Oh, heck yes, it works a LOT better. The shade is broader and the upright piece is much wider. I’ve done several experiments where I put one cup of ice water in the sun, and an identically-filled cup in the DrinKabana. When the last bit of ice is melted in the cup in the sun, the other cup in the DrinKabana has plenty of ice and the beverage is totally refreshing. PLUS, with the phone standing upright inside the DrinKabana, just open the door for one-finger operation (you get to choose which finger works best)…..make a call, receive a text, play music or search the web!!

A – Well, when you think about it, when you spend time in a hot and sunny environment, you always want to have your phone handy, and you’re most likely going to have a water or a soft drink, beer or cocktail as well. Now you can protect both from the sun (your phone will invariably overheat and shut off automatically left in the sun), and you don’t have to squirrel your phone away in a bag or under a towel. It’s right there with you – usable – never out of sight and out of commission. Blistering summer sun ceases to be a menace to your outdoor experience.

A – I’m not sure, I’m just glad no one did. Say, come to think of it…..it IS a great idea!!

A – Correct. You’ll never have to seek out inconvenient shade in a place where you don’t want to be. BE wherever you want to be and you’ll always have a valuable shade with the Original DrinKabana. It’s a heck of a great gift idea, by the way!!


Assembly and Use

A – To Assemble: 1) Set the smaller base piece (Cold Drinks Here) on a flat surface. 2) Find the tab at the back of the base piece and gently press it in (no more than 1/8”) while sliding the upright piece downward onto the base, with the door hinged left. 3) Similarly, snap the lid into upright piece.

A – Oh yeah!! It also works as a phone stand for when you want to watch a ballgame or your favorite programming. You don’t need to find a way to stand up your phone horizontally…..t

To Disassemble: 1) Find the tab at the back of the top piece and gently press it in (no more than 1/8”) to lift off the lid. 2) Same at the bottom…gently press in tab and lift upright piece off the base.

A – Two things will be immediately obvious if you use it upside down: 1) It won’t work as well as intended, and 2) you had a lower college GPA than ME!! And that’s SAYIN’ something!!

A – That’s the ingenious Bling Ring, into which someone who likes to decorate and customize things can insert and suspend Mardi Gras beads, making it your own custom Kabana-kind-of-thing. Remove the lid and lie it upside down on a flat surface, then press the first bead all the way down into the hole. Bead diameters vary. If you find your beads to be loose and coming dislodged, simply take a small square of 2-ply Kleenex and wrap the bead before plugging it into the hole. You’ll find them nice and snug and they’ll stay in place under normal circumstances.

Damage and Returns

A – “It” never just “breaks”. Ham-fisted people break things. But believe me, we’ve thought through this and have instituted this policy: You buy it, you break it, you buy another one ($34.88 plus S&H). No, seriously, we’ll work with you. But if it breaks because you ran over it with your Buick, I’d say get out the Elmer’s and a 12-pack….then place your re-order.

The Price

A – Of course it is, but we’re here to make friends, not money, bro.

A – Are you paying ANY attention?

A – You buy five DrinKabanas or more and we’ll throw in a 3-pack of DrinKabana beverage insulators for just $7.99 plus S&H. It’s how we give back.

Promotional Products

A – Abso-freakin-lutely. It’s totally customizable from top to bottom…we can make the product itself any color you want (even do PMS matching), and the lid and coaster can feature any artwork of your choice. Minimum order quantities and pricing vary. We aim to please!!