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Drink Shade

The DrinKabana has everything you need to keep your drink and phone safe from the sun! From beer and cocktails to tea and lemonade, the drink shade keeps beverages cold so you can enjoy your time outside. It is both a beverage stand and a drink umbrella, giving you a stable surface to set your drink or phone on while protecting them from overheating.

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DrinKabana by the pool patio and boat

This item is perfect for:

  • Pool owners and pool lovers
  • Boat owners
  • Beach-goers
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Outdoor parties and events

Don’t look for shade — bring your own!!

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How Does A Beverage Shade Keep Drinks Cold?

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No more tucking your iced tea or soft drink under a chaise lounge at the pool, wishing you had shade while working in the lawn or garden, watching your frosty cold beer skyrocket to 67 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun at the beach or on a boat.

The DrinKabana beverage shade solves this issue by allowing you to bring shade wherever you go. Simply place your beverage on the drink stand, and the beverage umbrella on top will provide shade throughout the day. The sturdy base and backbone are made of durable ABS plastic.

We know the sun is not always directly overhead. As the sun moves in the sky, just rotate your DrinKabana so the upright piece (the spine) acts as a secondary shade.

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A Beverage Umbrella for All Sizes

The DrinKabana is the perfect drink shade for warm weather because it works for beverages of all sizes. Everything from a 16-ounce aluminum bottle to a wide-bottom mug will fit onto the coaster.

Cocktails and Beer

The DrinKabana works for:

  • Margarita glasses
  • 12 oz cans
  • 12 oz bottles
  • 16 oz cans
  • 16 oz aluminum bottles
  • 26 oz cups

The DrinKabana also includes a mesh drawstring bag for easy packing and transporting. You can simply separate the DrinKabana into three pieces to fit it neatly inside the mesh bag, which can be tucked into a beach bag or backpack or carried on its own to a pool, patio, boat or other leisure destination.

Its dimensions are as follows:

  • DrinKabana inside the bag: approximately 12 x 10 x 3 inches
  • DrinKabana assembled: 8 x 8 x 10 inches

No matter the size, the DrinKabana will shade your beverage and keep it ice cold, which means you no longer have to throw out the last few ounces of a warm drink and reach for a new one. Protect your peace of mind with DrinKabana!

It Pays for Itself

The DrinKabana will shade your beverage and keep it ice cold, which means you no longer have to throw out the last few ounces of a warm drink. You can cut down on trips inside and the cost of replacement drinks, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors with fewer interruptions. It pays for itself!

Phone Shade

What do you do with your cell phone when you are by the pool or outside? Do you hide it somewhere in your bag? Do you try to find some shade nearby? These options leave your phone unable to reach or use. You cannot play music on it or access the web, and you probably will not hear the phone ring if someone tries to reach you. If this is the best solution, you might as well leave your phone at home.

Although the DrinKabana is the perfect solution for how to keep drinks cold in the sun, it is more than a drink shade. It can also serve as a phone shade accessory, protecting your phone and other important devices from sun exposure.

With the DrinKabana, you can lounge on your favorite patio chaise with a cool glass of iced tea. You can place your cup on the coaster and tuck your phone into the spine with some music on, allowing you to leisurely read a few chapters of your favorite book without worrying about getting up to check your phone for messages and missed calls. And that splashed water you used to dread is no longer a factor when your phone is protected behind the clear plastic door.

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DrinKabana Drink Shade on a Beach
DrinKabana on a pool deck

Maximize Your
Enjoyment Outdoors

The DrinKabana protects more than your drink. It protects your peace of mind when you’re trying to enjoy a sunny day on the patio or by the pool.

Are you ready to see what makes DrinKabana the most unique and useful outdoor and leisure product of 2023? Contact us today to take back your time in the sun!